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Manufacturer of all kinds of rubbr parts


Lastik Karan Emad Kar
emadkar tire workaers
manufacture of rubber parts
industrial and mineral
oil and gas
    Emadkar tire workers                                                           

Emadkar Rubber Workers started its activity in 1398.

According to the advancement of goals Emadkar Industrial

Group and other member companies of this group have been

able to provide acceptable quality. Due to the facilities,

this complex has been able in food, mineral, industrial and

other industries Offer various products. Other services of

    this complex include molding, machining of rubber linings of  
                                                          tanks and other services with all available materials (EPDM, NBR, VITON).                                                                                                              



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  Mobile 09194761061

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  Email sales@ls-kar.com

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برند ابزار دقیق
برند لوله و شفت های استیل
برند شیرآلات صنعتی
Lastik Karan Emad Kar
Lastik Karan Emad Kar

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Sales and projects:09194761061
Sales Phone:021-44155904
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Sales Email:sales@ls-kar.com
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